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Voltio enters into Business Finland’s NIY funding program

Voltio has been chosen to participate in the first phase of Business Finland’s Young and Innovative company funding program. The fund accelerates growth and rapid expansion of SirWise - Apple Service management system. The program provides a total of 1,25M€ funding.

With the help of Voltio’s SaaS SirWise, Apple Authorized Service providers (AASP) can manage their business in a new data-driven way, reaching totally new efficiency levels and gaining a lot more time and focus on providing the best experience for their end customers. SirWise is a simple to use ERP/CRM/Software robotics solution tailored for AASPs by a team of Apple service professionals with more than 20 years of industry experience. SirWise automates most of the manual processes for technicians and administrators and integrates Apple’s Global Service Exchange system, customer communication tools, and other systems seamlessly to the customizable workflows, that serve all size AASP’s.

SirWise has had strong initial demand from 4 different continents, even before the marketing has started. AASP’s using SirWise, have already handled more than $100.000.000 worth of repairs through the platform.